TOI: Shamelessy Anti-Indian!

The Babri Masjid verdict was delivered and while India acted maturely - shock and horror, it was the Times of India that really attempted to create havoc with their insensitive one lined headline that read, "2 Parts To Hindus, 1 Part To Muslims." If at anytime the media has tried to be manipulative, it is now. And honestly, they ought to be ashamed of themselves for this incredibly insensitive headline. If this is their attempt at sensationalizing an event that has been graciously been accepted by the Indian populace, then as a publication, they should really been sacked. This is not only unacceptable but considering the Times of India is one the most oldest newspapers in India, you would think they more than any other publication, would know that such a headline would and can cause outrage in the country which would lead to further turmoil. It feels as though they just didn't care about the title of their article. And it isn't as though they couldn't have thought of a more politically correct headline; the TOI editorial team doesn't lack talent and this is a well-known fact.

What exactly their agenda is or was, that is unknown. And you shouldn't even try to find out what on earth they were thinking; it just isn't important. But irrespective of the reason, it is simply an irresponsible act by the Times of India and they owe the readers of the TOI an apology for being so insensitive.

Link to article: "2 Parts To Hindus, 1 Part To Muslims"


Rejil Krishnan said...

And the latest farce from them is 'Aman Ki Asha', trying to bring peace between India & Pakistan... If this had any other objective than marketing and selling more newspaper space to corporates, they wouldn't have had a headline like today's, trying to divide a peaceful country by instigating religious fanatics... Pity them as a newspaper.. ashamed that such papers sell... or rather such papers are allowed to sell... Nice write up... Appreciated..

Vivek Nanda said...

I agree with you, I felt the same when I read those lines and I thought that media can never be responsible.
That was total shit !!!


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