Ranbir to be a Mamu!!

Ranbir Kapoor could be anything and he'd rock. He's a terrific son, a fantastic brother, a great costar his leading ladies have said, and a fab actor. Now imagine him as an uncle? Ranbir is on his way to becoming a mamu and the actor is over the moon. On the flip side, father to Riddhima Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor is slightly unsure of how he should react to the grand news. However, Neetu Kapoor is ecstatic and has been rushing to Delhi, where her daughter is based, at every instance she finds to pamper her daughter.

The to-be-mother is busy shopping in London for her new baby and upon her return, the families will decide on the logistics of how and where the baby should be born. Needless to say, the family is super excited for the addition that will come in March of 2011. Will it be another Ranbir? Time will tell!

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