Sonam Kapoor: Fashion Obsessed

She's always seen adorning designer wear and apparently chooses not to indulge in the "Bangkok maal" but apparently Sonam Kapoor is not the fashionista she appears to be in reality. She has been seen committing huge fashion faux pas ala one electric blue jumpsuit she was seen wearing at Twinkle Khanna's shop launch. Check out what some fashion critics have to say about Sonam Kapoors so-called stylish ways.

Kallol Datta: "Her fashion is current, relevant, but is it iconic? I don't think so. She needs to cultivate her own style and elevate it to an iconic status, like Jackie O did with pill box hats."

Nisha Jhangiani: "Sonam enjoys fashion, maybe a tad too much. Her experimental streak compels her to try on everything, and in a fit of enthusiasm, she forgets that not every style flatters your body. She is stylish among the current crop of actresses. The only Bollywood actress who actually buys the clothes you see her wear at events, as opposed to sporting freebies. Take her acting career away, and she will still be the the same fashion-obsessed 25 year-old."

Anaita Adajania: "It's interesting to work with her though, since she surrenders to fashion. She is not adamant to wear tight or revealing clothes; she understands why a slouchy garment works sometimes. She has what I'd call an alternate style. But she is not a stylist's dream come true. Only models are."

Uh Oh Sonam Kapoor - do you need a style check? Fashion po-po where are you???? 

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