The Agony of a Non Visionary!

Do not be fooled by the title of this post; I have not gone philosophical on you, relax. But I did have a slightly strange happening occur and it taught me two important lessons. So while doing my hair on Monday morning, I managed to drag my curler pin across my eye. Eeks! Painful is the word. Anyhow, I didn't think too much of it until it began to pain...and I mean seriously pain. If felt like a piece of metal was stuck in my eye and that is not a fun feeling. So I suffered all day through work and all night until finally sleep came to me. All night I concentrated on not moving so that I wouldn't aggravate my eye. I awoke this morning to a puss-filled swollen red eye. But excruciating pain: gone! Thank goodness for fast healing.

But it also made me realize how hard it is in the world for people without sight. I honestly thought I was going to lose my sight or wake up and have to get surgery. Praise the Lord it was obviously not so serious and healed on its own but imagine a person who wakes up and falls asleep to darkness every night? What is the difference between night and day? Absolutely none. I love colors but to the blind, black is red, blue, green and white. It also made me realize that our bodies are not meant to be taken for granted. Yes, I healed courtesy of my body's natural quick healing process but even then, I was careless and I think I owe my body an apology.

I empathized now more than ever with the blind. In fact I have new found respect for them. Kudos and power to them!

Photo above: The damage doers!

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Kaalicharan said...

beyond the sight there are visions of mind, what eyes can't see; the heart can tell!

Poignant post!


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