Aisha = Clueless + SATC - Emma


Honestly, I refuse to sit here and pen a full blown review on Aisha. Why? Cause I don't feel any Sonam Kapoor is worth it. So instead, here are some valid and perfectly apt reasons to watch 'Bollywood's first chick flick' - that is what the actress seems to be calling Aisha. Anyway, back to business. Ah yes, why should you watch Aisha. Here we go.
  • 'Coz its set in Delhi. Finally, praise the Lord, a director realized that a film should be set in the India. This is something I've been howling about for eons now; the mere fact that our own country houses perfectly cosmopolitan cities and rural areas perfectly apt for Hindi films. Aisha is set in Delhi and while I've never been there, I am more than curious to visit the capital city because it has been picturized so well. Of course, we're talking about the more wealthier parts of the city and not Chandni Chowk which has been ignored by the film.

  • 'Coz the supporting cast rocks. More than the main protagonist, i.e. Sonam Kapoor, who is uber fake, pretentious and tries too hard in Aisha, the supporting cast is flawless. Amrita Puri as the more vernacular Shefali is hilarious as she attempts to fit in with high society Delhi and falls into Aisha's matchmaking scheme. Ira Dubey as Pinky is a must watch and an actress to look out for. She simply rocks and has mastered the snobby Delhi attitude. Her scenes with Cyrus Sahukar are gosh darn funny. And the veejay himself, is his fab self. Cyrus plays this chipku Delhite who is out to impress Aisha but fails and how!

  • 'Coz Abhay Deol is mad dreamy. For Abhay Deol, who isn't around much, this role is was like walking down the street, i.e. that easy. However, he brings to the table a confidence and charm that makes you swoon. His chemistry with Sonam though is really thanda, so don't go in looking for sparks. Instead go in to watch him play a suave Investment Banker, who is every girl's dream. Yum.

  • 'Coz the soundtrack is perfect. I've always been a Vishal-Shekhar fan who compose incredibly urban and yet melodious music, their position is threatened by one Amit Trivedi. The music director-singer has outdone himself with Aisha. The songs are fun and melodious, traditional and urban, fun and singable. Every track outdoes the next. Watch out for the balle-balle Gal Mithi Mithi (whose choreography was te-te-phus), Suno Aisha (the lyrics are awesome) and Lehrein (romantic and how).

  • 'Coz the clothes are to die for. Yes, you will wish you had the following after Aisha: 1) a father who would pay off your credit card bills; 2) Aisha's huge closet; and 3) Her wardrobe in its entirety. Aisha is basically fashion on drugs. Every single designer label has been used and while Sonam may not act well, she can certainly sport the dresses, bags, stilettos and make up used in the film perfectly. Full power to the stylist Pernia Qureshi.
Yes, those are the only reasons to watch Aisha. Sonam Kapoor hams (those Sonam Fans -- Sonaholics as they call themselves, are gonna kill me for this one but i'll bear my cross), the script is filled with holes and is confusing; too complicated yaar! Initially, you are intrigued but gets repetitive. The film is a mix between Clueless and Sex and the City; hardly any Emma here. In fact it would be an insult to Jane Austen if we were to compare Aisha to Emma. Aisha is a wannabe film. Nothing interesting beyond the above.


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Sidrah said...

You are so right! I watched it last night =/ it was a total copy of Clueless! Sonam Kapoor looked freaky to me O.o the only good thing was Abhay Deol <3 =o wish we could have seen more of him!


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