Twitter = War Ground for Celebs!

Normally I would sit here and give you the lowdown in the event (special event) that stars come out and argue on a social portal. I live for it! And I'm not afraid to admit it. I love the drama and the bitchiness. But in this case: Bachchan vs. Masand vs. Akshay Kumar, I am basically going to paste what started as a regular tweet - which in most instances would have gone unnoticed BUT was seen by Bachchan senior and then began the mayhem!

July 12th, 2010
@RajeevMasand: Need innovative ideas 2 promote films in competitive times. But Akshay Kumar grinning like a jackass at RKLaxman's hospital bed is a new low.

In response:
@SrBachchan: Dear All,
I was just turning in for the day when I went to check my account on Twitter and came across a few twits made by Barkha Dutt, senior journalist and anchor of great repute with NDTV 24/7.
I also discovered a remark by Rajeev Masand, a journalist and prominent anchor for CNN/IBN and one who reviews films every week end. Barkha Dutt accuses fellow journalists of 'spreading canards' and I react to it and she responds, and I respond back .. Rajeev Masand calls Akshay Kumar a 'jackass' and I have given my response to that and then linking it to what Barkha had to say subsequent to her 'canard' remark.
Read and see for yourself and judge too. And then they hound and criticize me for writing against the media on my blog ?  At least Barkha had the decency to admit her folly. Rajeev I am not sure.
For long have I championed the cause of those incidents that have been the victims of media bias and insensitive reportage. The media will and has since and before, made every effort to ridicule my stand on some issues and incidents that I have regularly brought up in my blog. Many have blanked me out from their dailies, others are giving adamant and feeble responses to our lawyers notices. It has merely strengthened my assumption that the media is above board and cannot be touched. They are superior and above all ethics. They are also the keepers of our morals and the true purveyors of our Constitution and our Democracy !  (read the rest here)

And then came a kick-ass rebuttal from Rajeev Masand for whom I now have immense  respect for. Check it out!

Dear Mr Bachchan,
In response to your message to me, my humble reply:
Dear Sir, Let's consider: if my fraternity won't pull me up for that 'jackass' comment, could it possibly be because they see some sense in my comment? Or could it be because that’s what fraternity does: Stands by each other? You should know, Sir.
I don't remember your fraternity pulling you up for the attack on photographers by security outside your house during Abhishek’s wedding. (ref: )
I don't remember your fraternity so much as expressing outrage when Abhishek ‘allegedly’ bashed up a photographer on a film set. (ref:
But your concern Sir, is the use of the term 'jackass'.
A strong word, perhaps, but appropriate I think, to express horror at the complete lack of sensitivity involved in a film promotion of that nature.
However controversial my choice of words, it is me taking a ‘stand’, Sir. Expressing my ‘opinion’. Two words your fraternity seems largely unfamiliar with.
Regarding your outrage/disappointment at my choice of words: Apologies, Sir. If expressing my opinion lowers your impression of me, then that is a cross I shall have to bear.
But finally, by your own logic, Sir: will your fraternity pull up Akshay for this tasteless gimmick? Or do you think it is innovative too?
Respectfully yours,
Rajeev Masand (read here)

And today, that is all I have to report. I think Rajeev has pretty much become a rock star (in my books at least). By the way, Bachchan Senior has yet to respond to the above. Doesnt look like it will happen.  Lesson learned: No celeb is allowed to shun your thoughts and opinions -- not even Amitabh Bachchan. Yeh public hai boss!!

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