Quirky, Strange and Normal

We all have quirks which make us strange and random. That doesn't mean we are weird or odd but simply makes us unique in our own special way. In fact, I'm glad I'm a bit strange otherwise wouldn't we all be the same; robotic and manufactured. I was thinking about what makes me strange and unique from everyone else and boy did I come up with quick a few strange oddities that set me apart from the rest.

1) Pillow Talk: As a baby mom told me I would only fall asleep if I was put in a certain position. Of course many years later, things have not changed. However, now I sleep under the pillow instead of on top. Weird eh? I think its because I like to hibernate from the world at night and also because I have the A.C. blowing directly above me which is why I like to cover myself from cold blast.

2) Trypophobia Patient: Yes, I suffer from a phobia better known as Trypophobia; the fear of holes. And its not big holes in the middle of a street but small holes you would see in a cluster. My phobia isn't so drastic to the extent that I can't look at my dish sponge but there are instances where I shudder when I see a strange picture filled with tiny holes. The thought of it is making me cringe even now.

3) Eyebrow Fury: I cannot stand the sight of unruly eyebrows. It drives me insane! I admit, on certain instances where I see women (and men) who have obviously ignored the fact that their eyebrows are in dire need of grooming, I feel the need to pull out my plucker and pull out the extra few hairs! It looks tacky; groom your brows.

4) Not Nutty: I cannot stand nuts in my food, chocolate and ice cream. Fine. I can somewhat understand why people would enjoy nuts in their chocolate and ice cream, but food? Leave out the nuts when you cook for me please.

I'm sure there are many more quirky things about me but for now, that is enough for anyone to believe two things: 1) I'm strange and 2) I'm normal.

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