Payal Gidwani Tiwari

“There is no such thing as size zero!” ~ Payal Gidwani Tiwari

She is responsible for the ultra fit Kareena Kapoor and more recently, Rani Mukherjee’s toned body. But ask Payal Gidwani Tiwari how she deals with the accolades that she receives for her work, and she modestly will reply, “I know I just need to work harder.” However, the Yoga Master has very quickly developed a Bollywood-filled clientele all of whom swear by her. Formally trained in Yoga, the trainer knew that this was meant to be her dream job over six years ago when she received a calling after being extremely athletic in her school days. The Yoga Master became extremely popular amidst the Page 3 socialites when along with the world, they too awoke to a fitter and trimmer Kareena Kapoor who accredited her new sexy avatar to none other than Payal. She speaks to Roshni Magazine to talk about working with celebs, fitness and her Yoga calling.

How did you get into Yoga training and manage to attain such a high-profile clientele?
I have been doing yoga since my childhood along with my formal education I have been qualified as an ACSM [American College of Sports Medicine] fitness trainer so I combined both the concepts for training which is appreciated by my clientele.

Were you always interested in fitness and Yoga? How did you develop the interest and what courses have you taken in order to become a certified Yoga trainer?
Yes I have always been inclined to fitness, was a marathon runner in school. I had a Yoga calling in 2003 and I knew that was my path.

What is one of the few complaints most of your clients have when they first come to you?
Obesity, stress, the need to be healthy and even insomnia!

How long does a single Yoga session last and what does it entail?
Each yoga session last for an hour which includes body stretching, cleansing, postures, breathing techniques and relaxation.

How does Yoga help maintain not only a healthy lifestyle, but a peace of mind too? Consideration of health in yoga is a balance of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being that brings a discipline and harmony on all the levels.

What does it take to attain a body like Kareena Kapoor or more recently Rani Mukherjee?
Conscious discipline in your complete lifestyle.

What kind of exercises did they have to do in order to achieve their slimmer looks?
All kinds of postures, nutritious and a healthy combination of food.

What is the difference in going to the gym versus yoga? Is the outcome the same? What are the downfalls of each?
Gym is basically muscular training and yoga is the awareness of body and mind.

In between, we saw Kareena in a slimmer size-zero avatars. What is your take on this fad and the health issues that come with it?
There is no such thing as size zero! We only try and maintain a proportionately fit and healthy body.

Who are some of the more fit celebrities in Bollywood? Hollywood?
John Abraham and Akshay Kumar in Bollywood. Sorry quite nil with Hollywood stars!

How does it feel when you are accredited with the accolades and glory of a client’s great body?
When this happens it does not take me on a high pedestrian but just makes me realize that I have to work harder. I need to make sure my students get the right knowledge and benefits what they are looking for.

Along with regular Yoga, what else must a person do to stay fit and fine—in terms of food and drink?
It is very important to have a well balanced diet.

And lastly, what are three pieces of advice for healthy living?
Regular practice of yoga or exercise; Eat a well balanced diet; Positive way of thinking; Honesty and commitment towards your work.

~ Roshni M.
(November 2009)

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