Where Have All the Rock Stars Gone?

Often I sit and ask the world, “Where have all the rock stars gone?” And I don’t mean Rock Star in the traditional sense— the head banging musician covered head to toe in Goth-like clothing vis-à-vis Bon Jovi and Gun N’ Roses. That is hardly the definition for Rock Stars nowadays. By urban definition, a Rock Star is referred to as a personality who rocks in whatever it is they do and ultimately doesn’t care about the stardom—if they receive any, that comes along. Add to that recipe, hints of being different and sprinkles of not-caring-what-the-world-thinks, and what you have is the ultimate urban Rock Star. On second thought, perhaps this is my personal definition of the word.

Actor-Director-Producer-Singer Farhan Akhtar, perhaps one of the most prominent Desi Rock Stars literally and figuratively who spoke at a recent Youth Forum stated, “I think when we talk about whether the youth can make a difference, it’s important not to only think of young people, but also about those who have young ideas and young outlook on life.” Ultimately it brings us to our veteran Rock Stars. If Gandhi managed to gain India its independence from the British in the most rocking peaceful way, then Mother Teresa single-handedly redefined self-sacrifice and caring for others in the most Rock Star of ways. A trait that remains with all veteran Rock Stars? Humility. None of the above and even the ones not mentioned have ever gone on to advertise their doings for the world. If anything, they deem what they do as their duty and leave it right there.

Growing up I dreamt of being a Rock Star-- the urban kind, of course. Upon more careful scrutiny, one does realize that it brings with it a different kind of responsibility that cannot be ignored or imitated but simply learnt. It means irrespective of age, you need to believe in aiding correct change in the world; accept contemporary view while staying close to your roots, traditions and morals; and lastly believe in all you stand for.

The answer to my question came in the form of my guests this month. Roshni Magazine brings you some of the most urban Rock Star personalities in the Desi world . At first glance, they seem like normal media savvy people: actors, television hosts, writers, and even an online matchmaker! But take another look, and you’ll realize that individually, they not only stand for something totally different but aren’t afraid to say how they feel.

We’re also taking a different route and instead of the usual monthly interviews, we’ll keep adding interviews to the site as more frequently, so keep checking back! Additionally, do drop a word or two in the comment box below and let us know how we’re doing. Once again, thank you all for the nonstop support; it’s always great to hear from you all!

And as usual, along with much love and light, we encourage you to Rock On!

Roshni M.

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