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The worst dressed stars? It would have to be all those stars who overdo the "bling" consistently!” – High Heel Confidential

If you’re an avid Bollywood fashion buff and can’t get enough of the clothes the stars wear, then High Heel Confidential is your bible. The creators of the site, Payal and Priyanka simply claim that they took their flair for fashion to an alternate level and before they knew it, the fashionista’s found they had hit a homerun. If HHC had a mission statement, it would read: To dissect and analyze the choice of clothing by the crème de la crème of the world. But don’t expect the girls to gush and coo over their attire—in fact take a look at the site and you’d be surprised. Not only do the girls know Prada from Chanel but are quick to point out even the most minor fashion faux pas committed by some of the most popular personalities. And if you need more reasons to visit the totally chic site, the girls give you all the ultimate reasons to check it out in an unplugged interview to Roshni Magazine.

What bought about the theme/idea of High Heel Confidential?
Just a common love for fashion and a place to discuss it. Blogging purely desi fashion with an emphasis on celebrities' just happened incidentally! And as we blogged more and more we realized how unexplored that particular niche was. There are plenty of "Hollywood" sites but when we started off, there was hardly anyone doing what we now do.

Did you anticipate it to become so popular?
Not really. We initially didn't really even talk about it to others, not even our friends. The popularity surge happened quite literally overnight. And we can't really complain but after all that work we put in, it sure is gratifying!

Who are some of the worst/best dressers in your opinion?
Everyone seems to have their good days and bad but Twinkle [Khanna] is one of those who has more better days than bad. And as for the bad, it would have to be all those stars who overdo the "bling" consistently!

Which personalities do you find repeatedly make the same fashion faux pas?
It’s not the 'person' as much as the fashion blooper seen across the board;  clear innerwear straps with strapless dresses, clear heels, bare midriff at relatively formal events, super-pointy shoes... you get the drift!

Who dresses better: Page 3 regulars or movie stars?
Now that’s a toughie. If Page 3 has a Prerna Goel, Kalyani Chawla or Anu Deewan, they also have an Aarti Surendranath. Same goes for Bollywood. There are superstars of personal style and then ones that are not so much.

Who is the most popular celebrity that is searched on the HHC site?
There isn’t really a most searched celebrity but every time we have a Sonam [Kapoor] or an Aishwarya [Rai Bachchan] post, it usually stirs up a storm.

How do you manage to distinguish which personalities are wearing which brands?
By keeping a constant eye out for designers' collections and for latest additions at various retail outlets! Who knew window shopping would work out so well for us!

Explain the WTHeyyy concept.
It’s quite what the name suggests— a look that makes us go "what the heyyy??!!" Fashion missteps that have us exclaiming out loud!

How do you control the immense amount of comments and views that come in daily?
It’s hard to manage time but over the course of blogging we've figured out a system; we approve comments as when we can, and mostly based on our own discretion. Our comment policy often comes into fire but it really is in place to keep the focus on fashion and not really on personal attacks, gossip, rumors and so on. [It] takes effort but we do what we can.

And now, the choices:

Best in traditional wear: There are so many! Rekha, Kirron Kher, Dimple Kapadia, Nandita Das. And among the younger crop Vidya Balan, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra have all had their moments.

Best in suits: Shah Rukh, Anil Kapoor and Rahul Khanna.

Often caught in the worst shoes: The Govitrikar sisters.

Needs a new wardrobe: Divya Khosla Kumar and Divya Dutta

Fashion Diva(s : Dimple [Kapadia] and Rekha for having a strong style voice. Twinkle [Khanna] for being consistent. And Sonam [Kapoor] for trying new things.

Fashion disaster: Aarti [Surendranath] for being the Queen of Match-Much.

Never gets it right: Amrita Rao mostly never does.

~ Roshni M.
(August 2009)

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