Total Eclipse of the....Century

India went into an eclipse frenzy this morning as the longest solar eclipse occurred. The moon and sun were aligned putting astrologers, astronomer, and religious priests into alert mode. Astrologers look for ways to make moolah, astronomers look to find scientific answers, and priests fear for the world. Religiously, many religions look at a solar eclipse as a time to be worried and scared. In China supposedly, a dragon has eaten the sun while in India, temples are closed during the eclipse hours to protect the God's from the malefic effects. Incidentally or rather coincidentally, Princess Di was engaged a day before a solar eclipse, married a day before one and died before one...strange but true. Pregnant women are told not to leave their homes and lay still in fact or their baby could be born with a defect... so on and so forth. Google eclipse effects and masses of hits come up.

I personally thought it was pretty I'm not sure why the hoopla. I prefer to use an astronomer take on this one.. it is not only beautiful but actually pretty awesome that people get to witness such an awesome sight. I wish people would drop the nonsense and enjoy what the skies are showing us. Take a look at the photos and you'll know exactly what I mean. I would have totally hit the streets and taken a look. It really must have been awesome--grrr, what a miss out!

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