"Stand for Something, Or You'll Fall for Anything"

Summer is finally here! I've always been an advocate for summer - it's much easier to keep cool rather than warm I reckon. But make the most of the summer sun and bask in all its heat. Enjoy!

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day and during our discussion, he reiterated a quote to me, "Stand for something or you'll fall for anything." That quote got me thinking. We all enter this world unsure of what the future holds for us. Over time, we develop interests, likes and dislikes, potential viable career options which are either shot down by parents or we simply lose interest in. Ultimately, we find our calling in life. However, how many of us look beyond our daily mundane work and actually decide to take a position on a subject or issue? And even if we form a strong argument for or against it, how many of us actually go out, voice our opinions and make a difference?

Recently, I have realized an essential need to help change the way I think and function. The whole world is on a change rant. Everyone from Barack Obama to Priyanka Chopra, all believe they have what it takes to make necessary changes in the world. But ultimately, it lies with the majority of the human race. The only way for you to make a difference is to take a stand. If you are disturbed by an event, write to your local newspaper discussing your disgust; You aren't happy with your meal, call the chef and let him know you weren't satisfied. Whatever it is, speak up. It is simply unacceptable to complain if you are one of those people who lets any injustice pass you by or chooses to turn a blind eye to an unacceptable event. Don't fall for anything, stand up and make a difference. Our featured interviewee's know that just too well.

It may be hot outside, but it's raining models, actors and even singers, in this month's edition of Roshni Magazine.

Thank you all so much for expressing your love and gratitude for RM. In fact, the response has been so magnificent, that we will be adding more interviews mid-month from this edition onwards. Keep checking back for updates!

Your feedback is always appreciated so keep them coming. In the meantime, enjoy and remember: Ask and you will be told.

Happy Summer!

Love and light,
Roshni M.

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