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Clearly 24 hours in a day doesn't cut it for me. I need to speak to the Time Gods about this one and work out an alternative arrangement but until then, I do vow to blog more often. I do. Life has been chaotic after the webzine has taken off. I've been working around the clock looking for potential interviewee's and ways to help the publication take off. Add to that, a bunch of freelance jobs and my recent conquest to help revive the Sindhi Film Industry, pretty much leaves me no time for anything. But that doesnt mean I don't have anything on my mind...that will be the day. So today I finally find time, mind you it is 2:35 a.m. on a Saturday, to sit and share my thoughts, pen my opinions and just plain BLOG!

The Dual Indian Legal System
Shiney Ahuja is still behind bars after allegedly raping his maid-servant and for the life of me I cannot fathom why an rising star would make commit such a blunder- assuming he is guilty. And the legal system is busy holding them close to their chest finding evidence against him. And then a young girl in Surat gets raped and the legal system is in shambles because of the is incident. Incredible how the authorities behave in a more rural system and in the metro's. Oh and then India goes and shocks the world by going ahead and stopping gay acts from becoming a punishable offense! Ha! And this is ahead of San Francisco, gay capital of the world. While I believe this is really good on India; it demonstrates how progressive the mentality is becoming, others believe this is the silence before the storm. I think its awesome! I mean if you look back at Hindu mythology, our Gods froliced with other men. Does that mean our Gods were more modern than the average Indian in the 21st century?

Whatever Leena Mulchandani
It really upsets me when I read about writers who claim that the Sindhi culture is a dying one. And even worst when a fellow Sindhi writes those exact words (read: Leena Mulchandani). For the record, I personally do NOT believe we are a dying culture but yes, a dying if not dead, film industry. But even that is changing. Sindhi's are still in touch with their roots and believe that the culture should be preserved. As a young Sindhi, I do believe it is my job to help fellow Sindhi's or not, realize the importance of preserving our culture and so, we teach our children laada's, we teach them about Jhule Lal, we talk to them about Chetti Chand and then tell them stories of how their forefathers came to their respective countries with only ten dollars in their pockets. We also let them know that we were forced to leave Sindh and had no choice. So how are we a dying culture? We are a fabulous culture that chooses to stand up and be recognised - even if we are a minority; even if we have no state.
Oh! Grow up.
I'm so sick of meeting small-minded people who are simply in a state of denial. I wish they would grow a brain or read a book. How is it that we meet people who are so ghastly ignorant, its actually eerie and yet they manage to make their lame answers look so justifyable? I watched New York - which okay, wasn't "Oh WOW!" but was actually interesting and somewhat realistic, but a conversation afterwards made me want to puke. I was putting forward my argument that there is no jail system in the world that works best - and was hit in the head with, "This is why I don't want to live in this country," referring to the US of course. Okay, so (breathe Roshni), I don't claim to be the biggest American flag lover BUT I definitely do not hate what the country. It has given me something I would have never achieved anywhere else in the world: perspective. Not everything is Black and White. There are hints of grey and even red. America has taught me this. Coming from a sheltered family and community, it was America that taught me how to open my mind, and accept the fact that the world is changing and thus, we too must move along with it. So when I hear such an ostentaious remark, it makes me wonder if people actually appreciate how lucky they are to get the best of both worlds. Thank GOD for my parent who have always kept an open-mind and taught us the same.

Okay people, I am officially all blogged out. But I promise to find at least 30 minutes a day to blog and speak my mind. Until then, toodles!
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