25 Random Things About Me!

By Roshni Mulchandani

This is actually a Facebook forward BUT when I attempted to fill it out, I realized it was actually meant to be more casual and I got a bit serious about it. (Thanks to all the writing I've been doing!) So instead of creating controversy which I assume it will create, I decided to do publish it here instead and save myself a whole bunch of WTF remarks.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.I figured that since I have a few more weeks until I am no more 25, I may as well hop to it and list 25 random things about me... here we go!!!

1) I love love love my country and being Indian. I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. I pray to God that if I am lucky to be born human again, he makes me Indian again.

2) I love ice cream!!! Summer or Winter, anytime of the year! I crave for Coldstone at least once a week - cake batter with brownies please!!!

3) I'm the ultimate Bollywood junkie and proud of it. Although as of late, the word "Bollywood" makes me cringe - so I should say I am the ultimate Hindi movie junkie. Ask me about happenings, movies, songs - I am pretty much updated however, Hollywood is not something I particularly care about.

4) The poet Kabir is my favorite. His poems are amazing and so meaningful. Everytime I read one, I take with me a hundred lessons. My favorite: Jab Tun Aaya Jagat Mein, Log Hanse Tu Roye; Aise Karni Na Kari, Pache Hanse Sab Koye....

5) I love finding my name in hindi songs! And yes, there are many. In addition, interesting names fascinate me. I'm not really fond of names that sound like a noise!

6) I loveeeeee cricket and especially the Indian cricket team. They make my heart beat for more than one reason!

7) I am really anal about my own and other peoples eyebrows. In my opinion undone or incorrectly done eyebrows make you look tacky.

8) I love my sister and brother the most in the world. I cant imagine my life without them...there was a Times magazine article which discussed how siblings are your true soul mates. I couldn't agree more!

9) I don't reform to peer pressure or what majority of people do. I need a justified reason to follow the crowd - otherwise I am a free spirited stubborn girl who will do what she wants.

10) I take the heat for all my past mistakes. I believe that you need to learn from then and move on. No use dwelling on the past. However, if all my mistakes are my own - my successes are my own too!!

11) I think Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor are awesome! They are talented, beautiful, stylish and of course half-Sindhi ;)

12) I've always wanted to be a rockstar. I think they have the most coolest lives. I believe in the lyrics, "Play like an all star, party like a rockstar, look like a movie star!"

13) I think its really commendable that everyone wants to help young destitute children but everyone has forgotten about our senior citizens. Its really sad that children grow up and leave them at old age homes. In my opinion, old age homes should be banned. Senior citizens have so much to teach us and are soo cute!

14) I like unconventional actors - Farhan Akhtar, Randeep Hooda, Abhay Deol. These guys are a new breed of new age cult actors. I love their movies and acting skills.

15) I love to dance! Put me on a dancefloor and I can dance the night away.

16) I believe in hardwork. At the same time, I think its okay to struggle to work your way up to the top. You'll apprieciate where you are a lot more.

17) I love the everything Indian: the smell of Mumbai airport, mehendi, diyas, Indian monsoons, Indian rickshaws, Indian standard time.... I could go on!

18) I kick ass in Antarkshari - courtesy my dad who has taught me some of the oldest songs possible. As a tag team, we kick some serious butt.

19) I'm scared of God and thunder.

20) I hate terrorism in all forms. I think its the most degrading form of showing power and anything/anyone who contributes it should fear God.

21) Fundamentalist groups are a bunch right-winged fools. Read: the shameful incident that occured in the Mangalore pubs with young girls made my blood boil!

22) I love decoding poems, songs and one liners. I think its a great artform where everyone comes up with their own interpretation.

23) I cant leave my house without taking a shower and wearing my watch.

24) I love politics - CNN is one of my favorite channels. They have the best anchors who arent scared and are cute - Anderson Cooper and Christina Amanpour!

25) And last, but not least... I love life! How you climb up is just as important as you climb down. Life is a lesson followed by a biggg test. It all comes down to taking it with grace. So cheers to the winning and losing, the good, the bad, the light and the darkness.

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