Top 5 Locations for a “Quickie”: Hot Spots to Get Down and Dirty

By Roshni Mulchandani

In this dog-eat-dog world where time is money, there will be moments where you want to get your bang on but no time to create a mood or ambience for your tryst. Sometimes, the mere sight of your significant other makes you sweat and yearn for her- right here, right now, baby. And other times, your dormant sense of spontaneity may kick in and you want to spring a quick one on your gal. Whatever the situation, an impromptu quickie is always on the unplanned to do list. “The Quickie,” or sex in public places on the fly, has an interesting history. Back in the day, the Spartans were prohibited from having sex and would head to restricted places to indulge in some lovin’, making them the original quickie pros. Cut to the twenty-first century, modern day men are kings at getting their groove on at the finest (and admittedly some substandard) locations. The most exciting part of taking part in this impromptu act of lust is that it can happen anyplace, anytime. So next time your sense of urgency comes calling, abandon the usual run of the mill bedroom and take to one of the following ‘forbidden’ places to fulfill your Spartan-like fantasies.

Hot Spot #1: In the car

Your car may not be one of the most innovative places to get down and dirty. In fact, we’re sure most of you are thinking, “Been there, done that.” However, for beginners, this is basically Quickie 101; consider this your first step into the world of quickies. For starters, the likelihood of being caught is close to none, and if you keep the majority of your clothes on, it will make it easier to cover up your act in case you are discovered. Additionally, you have some privacy and space to be a little more adventurous. We suggest finding a quiet abandoned parking lot where you can fog up the windows, unless of course you want to tickle your exhibitionist bone- then a public lot is the way to go. Using the backseat allows you to take advantage of all the limited space that a car provides. So next time you’re on the road and feel like you need a risqué break, take the next exit, find an abandoned spot and do your thang.

Hot Spot #2: In the dressing room

Shopping is a mundane task, especially if you’re stuck going store to store with your girl. It can get irritating— we agree. How do you turn a shopping spree into a sexy marathon? Follow your girl into the dressing room and give her a taste of what your idea of real shopping is. We know there have been times when she’s been a tease, trying on clothes that leave little to the imagination and asking for your opinion. This is your chance to finally get your sweet revenge for all those frustrating times. Attempt to pick a spacious room; we suggest the handicapped room for the ultimate experience because of its ideal size and corner location. Additionally, avoid peak business hours when changing rooms are occupied and busy, as being caught in the act would be more embarrassing. Unfortunately, fitting rooms have some hazards that need to be considered, like hooks and door knobs, so be careful if you decide to get wicked and wild during this dressy (or undressy) encounter.

Hot Spot #3: At the Office

This is your chance to make those long hours at the office a huge pay off in every sense of the word. You’ve seen the movies, you know how it goes. It could be your girl who turns up in her coat and heels, or a co-worker who works over-time with you that wants a “break.” Either way, the office has a multitude of areas that can be utilized to make your extra hours worth it in every way imaginable. Be innovative; the office has a beautiful variety of places that can be taken advantage of: chairs-- think of using your swivel chair to its benefit; desks— your boss’ huge desk finally of some good use; the office sofa— ever wonder why it’s even there? And lastly, the stairwell— the stairs can help partners of varying heights. While it’s probably not legal, as long as you keep your encounter after office hours and outside your daily to-do list, your office can serve a dual function, as a place for work and play.

Hot Spot #4: At the Club

Music and alcohol both work as aphrodisiacs to make your blood rush, and eventually you realize that the conversation needs some more action. Where do you go? Look for the darkest corner of the club (there are many) to get down and busy. With everyone buzzing and dancing to the loud music, we guarantee you won’t be heard even if you decide to get loud. Clubs are a fun place to frolic and indulge in some debauchery. Whether you’re on a date or picked up your partner at the bar, a few drinks down and some hot conversations later, you may realize that your hands have started wandering. Once you’re done doing what you do best, you can part ways and make your way to the door never to see each other again. Alternatively, this could lead to something more meaningful. Either way, make your usual Friday night clubbing, a night to remember.

Hot Spot #5: In the Air

The “Mile High Club” is an organization all players want to be associated with. Having sex thousands of miles above the ground is one of the most thrilling experiences. Airplane sex is actually a seventies concept from the folks who thought of the notorious Studio 54. The idea behind sex in the air was mainly conceived because of the hot and haute air stewardesses who served flyers with beautiful smiles and short skirts. Such deviancy started during the seventies, but has entered every following generation’s fantasy list making sky-sex one of the most desirable places to commit this sin. Heads up gentlemen, the only place you can really use is the bathroom, and its small space can cause bumps and bruises. If you get caught, you could get hit a pair of handcuffs (which in some circumstances could be useful). In most cases, you may want to avoid this embarrassment. So keep the door locked. This club has no membership fee and requires no frequent flyer miles, so go ahead and enjoy— just watch out for the turbulence you may encounter or create.

So there you have it boys. If you were looking for ways to surprise your girlfriend and yourself, we’ve given you five good locations and more reasons to create some excitement in your life. Spontaneity is key here, and take our word for it, she will be more happy to commit this sin if you show her how it’s meant to be done. If you think you won’t be “up” to the task, the art of quickies is one that requires little to no skill. All you need is a daring streak and a sexy motif. So c’mon boys, take a risk, go ahead and frisk!

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