Payal bares all post boot from Bigg Boss house

By Roshni Mulchandani

Payal Rohatgi, who was booted from the Bigg Boss house, has many claims. One of which is that her antics were all to help increase “footage” and to boost “TRP’s” for the show. Contrary to belief, especially from her housemates who nicknamed her “Fayal” for being as fake as she was, her emotions on the show were all real and genuine. Rohatgi is very happy with her performance and time in the house. “Offers for movies are flooding in!” she says excitedly. Her best moment in the house? “Winning my first award for best actress.”
And what about her romantic fling with Rahul Mahajan? She answers in typical filmi style “We are just friends.” Her love antics did have the rest of the house cringing and shying but bold as she is, a simple “Sorry if I offended anyone,” was all she had to say. T.V. is not an option for the item-girl now, but if her career decides to take a nose dive, T.V. is definitely a medium she will opt for to increase her popularity. Who knows… we may actually see Rohatgi dancing to the tunes of Ekta Kapoor soon!

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