Learning to love life from Diana Hayden

By Roshni Mulchandani

I've always been an ardent fan of Diana Hayden. Not because she is a Miss World, because I am not in awe of Aishwarya Rai at all. Hayden has used her title to help people and children who are in need of help instead of using to gain popularity. She left school in the eighth grade to work odd jobs, move from Hyderabad to Mumbai and finally get a job managing pop singers. She is not your usual run of the mill beauty queen. Tanned skin and dark eyes she beats the stereotype of usual light skinned and light eyed girls who are considered conventionally beautiful. She is beyond that and besides being beautiful on the outside, Hayden has a shining personality that keeps you in awe. I think to me, she is more than an inspiration. I like her conviction and her attitude. From her, I learn to love my life and do only what makes me happy. If I ever find myself doing something that makes me unhappy, I ain't going to do it. As she stated "Life is too short. You spend half of it sleeping and the other half working - so you better love what you're working on!" I couldn't agree more. And what a time to hear such inspirational words - Just when I feel I have found my calling in media and writing. I only hope I can be as confident, as sure, and as beautiful as she is.

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